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U Tip Human Hair Extensions for You

At some point of girls' lives, they want a makeover. And, it typically begins with the hair. Your hair is one of your biggest and most beautiful accessories that can shape your identity. That's why you may be willing to spend several hours styling for work, dates, schools and special occasions. If you are looking to make an exceptional transformation in hairstyle without committing to a bit permanent such as color or cut, u tips hair extensions is the perfect solution.

U tip extensions are applied to the women's hair by heating up the keratin tip (found at the extension's end). Afterwards, it will be attached to the natural hair. Keratin has been around for several years, and has proven to be one of the popular processes of fitting. This type of fusion hair extension is fitted with the use of heat connector. The keratin tip is melted against tiny pieces of natural hair. Then, the melted keratin is tightly rolled around the hair in order to create a completely sealed bound. Since keratin cools and heats up quickly, easy application is highly guaranteed.

We, at MyHairBay, have designed different u tip fusion hair extensions according to different needs and budgets. All of our tipped hair products are made from original keratin, which is gentle to the hair and causes no damage at all. Also, they are long-lasting and secure. You can use them for different occasions or purposes. Female wearers can wash the tipped extension as you would to your own hair. You can even shampoo and condition them.

With proper aftercare, our u tip human hair extensions can last for a long time. They can be ordered or purchased at various lengths. We deliver the most durable and very strongest tipped hair extensions in the market, so we are confident that your investment is safe with us.

U tip fusion hair extensions can be your best makeover as they fit any hair type and lifestyle. No other hair makeovers can give you incredible results like these tipped hair extensions. Choose your color and create a fabulous look!

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