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Tape In Extensions For Every Woman

Every girl knows that hair extensions are a bit scary conquest. Maybe you have done your share of damage previously, and still hesitant to try another hair style. Well ladies, there's an excellent hair style option for you – tape in extensions!

Initially to start with, you could be thinking “tape?” What sort of tape? Actually, it is a "special" sort of tape that keeps the hair intact for a number of weeks, let's say 10 weeks. Its application is pretty easy. All you need to do is part your hair in a thin straight line. Get rid of the backing tape seal and put it underneath a petite section of your hair. As much as possible, do it close to your scalp.

Why tape hair is the best method of hair extension?

Well, the reasons are invaluable.

Flexible and invisible

With tape hair extensions, you can do many things that you cannot using clips. You can wear them in all types of hairstyles including very high ponytails and braids. Indeed, they are invisible and thin! You cannot even feel them when washing or brushing. Also, tape extensions are easier to take care of and dry.

Slightest damaging

Another advantage of getting tape in extensions for your next party or daily walk is that it is least damaging. They're very lightweight and do not pull on the natural hair. Moreover, using tape extension means feeling comfortable and maintaining the natural volume of your own hair.


This is an advantage to women with limited budget but still aim for a natural, beautiful hair style. Hair tape is reusable for up to a year. When you remove the extension, clean it, add new tape and re-apply. That's why you need to buy high-quality tape extensions so you can use them longer.

Most of all, the tape in hair extensions’ cost makes it a huge hit among women of any age.

How much do tape in hair extensions cost?

Tape in hair extensions are considered the least costly semi-permanent hair extension method for the cost of application and the hair. Tape in extensions’ cost is much lower compared to other methods of hair extension.

Our tape hair extensions are made from real human hair. Different colors are available to suit your needs. You can blend colors to create a multidimensional or a highlighted look. All of our tape hair extensions are top quality!

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