Straight Ombre Hair

Enjoy the Majestic Look Offered By Straight Ombre Hair Extensions

Hair extensions truly transform the hair of a person into her utmost fashion accessory. Lucky are those who were given a soft and luxurious natural hair. But for those who are not, don't get upset as hair extensions will do wonders.

If you're looking for a lovely hair extension with coloration, ombre hair is such a perfect choice. Long straight hair is trendy in any season. The ombre hair style is casual and natural, as well as creates a carefree look and feel. Those with short haircut will surely benefit from this ombre hair extension, as you don't have to wait for a number of months for your natural hair to grow.

If you're up in the market for straight ombre hair extensions, MyHairBay is a good place to start your search with. Our bundles are made with 100 percent virgin human hair and are not blended with synthetic hair.

Only high quality virgin ombre hair extensions!

Our ombre extension remains one of the most preferred color sophisticated hairstyles due to its low maintenance and many different choices. It is also a new favorite in the world of fashion. You can change the color or combine different colors; just choose among your preference. You can go soft, bold, natural or colorful with boundless color options.

In order to make a right acquisition, know your desired hair length. Our straight ombre hair extensions are tailored for individual preference. If you are still unsure, you can always ask our help and assistance to prevent you from making costly decisions. Our staff can suggest an ombre hair extension perfect for the shape of your face.

You will not experience shedding and tangling of our straight ombre hair extensions. You can even curl, straighten, dye, comb and wash as your own hair.

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