Bonus Point

Q:  What is a bonus point?

A:  A bonus point is what you can earn by shopping with us! As our way of saying THANK YOU for purchasing our products, we have created an exclusive customer program that entitles you to earn bonus points when shopping from our website either from a PC or mobile device. Customers will receive bonus points upon completing a successful transaction. Bonus points can be applied on future purchases.

Q:  How do I get a bonus point?

A: There are several ways to earn points.

1.  Buy and Save
Earn 1point for every dollar you spend.
Note: If the purchase amount is less than $1, you will earn 1point.  Example:  if your total purchase price is $4.99, you will earn 5 (five) points.

2.  Registration/Open an Account
Earn 200 bonus points once you’ve successfully opened an account with

3. Sign In
Earn 5 bonus points each time you successfully login to your account.
    Note: The limit for login bonus points is 5 per day.

4. Review Our Products
Points are rewarded for writing and submitting reviews of our products. 1 review will earn 10 points.
Note: The limit for review bonus points is 20 points per day.

Q: How do I accumulate and use my bonus points?

A: The program works this way. Every 200 points is equal to $1. You can use your bonus points to pay for up to 30% of your total purchase at checkout.
Note: If you cancel your order or return merchandise for any reason, bonus points will not be applied to your purchase.