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Ombre Hair

Achieve Chic Looks With Our Ombre Hair Extension

Need a dazzling hair makeover? Leave it with colored ombre hair extensions!

Forget those common highlights. If you really want to have a younger look that flatters everyone no matter what your skin tone or age is, now is the best time to consider what ombre can offer. This type of hair extension transforms your overall look and boosts your confidence.

First things first, what is ombre hair?

Over the past few years, ombre has been gaining huge interest among women and young girls. It is a hairstyle that includes an array of dip-dyeing, with different combinations of colors available.

The style is represented by dark roots along with ends that are numerous shades lighter. Ombre hair style was made known by many Hollywood personalities. Now, women of all ages can have the chance to get the ombre look they dream of, whether they have long, short or medium hair.

Ombre hair extension is designed to look stylish while keeping a modish edge. When selecting ombre extension hair, it is best to opt for a color that will complement well to your natural hair. As the roots of your hair will become darker, you may consider choosing lighter reds, browns or blonde.

Being in the beauty and fashion world for some years now, MyHairBay has been regarded as one of the leading hair extension shops across the country. We aim to give women and teenagers the look they ever deserve with our high quality, all-natural hair extension products. Among our wide collections are ombre colored hair extensions and clip in ombre hair extensions. All made from 100 Remy hairs.

With lots of hairstyles on the market, why try our ombre hair extensions? Well, the reasons are countless. Here are some.

Chic and Fun Hair Style

Usual hair shades are great, but they can get a bit boring every so often. If you're one of those who want to experiment with different styles, ombre hair is definitely the perfect option. You can try a very delicate transition among the shades or a more drastic ombre effect with our clip in hair extensions ombre.

Get tremendous ombre hair without damaging your natural hair

One of the best parts of ombre hair extensions is that you can easily achieve those fabulous ombre looks without damaging your own hair. Do it with clip in hair extensions! With this, you can have the ombre look in just minutes effortlessly.

Low maintenance

Ombre enables female wearers to keep their base root. This means no roots! With this hair extension, your ends are all that require to lighten. But if you want a more intense look, you may choose to color the roots and the ends.

Choosing your hair extensions ombre

Ombre hair extensions are not equally created, so make sure to determine the hair’s looks before making an acquisition. MyHairBay offers a great ombre fade and blend. This will not leave you puzzled as to which shade or item will best suit to your hairstyle need and budget.

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