Micro Loop

A Brand New Look with Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Are you on the lookout for premium hair extensions without damaging your hair? Well, micro ring hair extension is an ideal solution!

When it comes to selecting hair extensions, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. You will be presented with tons of different lengths, colors, types, styles and brands to choose from, thus it may be quite daunting on your part to make the right decision. Among the most-loved hair extensions available are micro loop hair extensions.

This type of hair extension is a semi-permanent extension that can last up to 4 months before they require readjusting. Here's good news: the lifespan of micro extension is anywhere up to 2 years. This offers a good return of investment for fashion clients.

Why bother with micro loop hair extensions?

These days, you can find numerous hair extensions that claim to give women the look they want, so why bother with micro loop extensions (given that it can take you up to 4 hours placing it)? Let us give you some valuable reasons why it is worth your investment.

Work for fine and short hair

Not like other types of hair extensions such as weaving and braiding, micro hair can be used for those with fine and short hair. It can be applied instantly and blended for a beautiful, natural look.

Create a discrete look

In terms of discreteness, glue-in extensions and micro loop extensions offer an amazing result. However, micro rings are especially difficult to spot because the extensions are installed directly to the natural hair. People will still have struggles noticing the micro rings even when they take a close look at your scalp.

Safe to use

Hot fusion uses heat and glue-in extension uses glue – which have possible negative effects. Micro ring hair extensions don’t only carry risks of hair damage, but also risks of hair loss and allergic reactions.

Why choose MyHairBay for your micro hair?

We use micro loop extensions that don't cause any damage to the hair. They are directly attached to the scalp for a more discrete look. As a result, you can enjoy a great and completely natural look.

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