Loose Wave Lace Closure

Loose Wave Lace Closure for Fashion Lovers

Want to sport a fresh, exquisite hair style? Regardless of your reason, be that as a result of hair color, hair length or hair thinning, loose wave lace closure can be done in just a matter of time.

Lace closures are among the top choices today in the hair extension industry. It is used by those who want to give their hair a natural, beautiful look or want to try different textures and colors. The flexibility of our loose wave lace closure makes them a must-have beauty and fashion accessory for all women.

When integrating hair extensions into your own hair, blending is your top concern. MyHairBay will offer you a perfect blending. The hair density and scalp color will make your hair look natural. Also, we provide an excellent versatile parting for you to make a natural hairline. You can part your closure loose either in the part or in the middle.

With our virgin closures hair, texture is not a problem!

Relaxed ladies won't have to curl, twist and braid their hair to blend with curly and wavy textures. On the other hand, natural haired women won't need to apply heat on a regular basis just to blend with the extension's straight texture. Simply purchase a loose wave lace closure with similar texture as your hair extension and you're ready to grace any event with full confidence.

Our loose wave lace closure is perfect for all occasions and anything you need. Discover the magic behind this natural hair!

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