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Lace Closure


Whether you are experiencing hair loss in the front core area of your head or simply aiming to achieve a natural looking and seamless hair extension alternative, consider the various benefits of getting a natural lace closure.

A lace closure is a hairpiece attached to a cornrow area and secured across the perimeter. The goal of this hairpiece is to protect the hair while improving its overall look. The flexibility of closures lace makes them very ideal for almost all types of hair, be that permed, scanty or natural.

There are different types of lace frontal you can find in the market, and the most popular are:

  • Silk base closures – come with individual strands. These hair laces give women more styling choices. They boast a thick fabric that can be used for a longer span of time while giving wearers a lot of ventilations simultaneously.
  • Skin-polyurethane closure – available in flexible, thin silicone base that makes the delusion of a natural scalp. The only downfall is that, this closure is not durable and does not allow air to enter into the hair.
  • Monofilament closures – a mesh used in one strand method. This allows for a good-looking scalp. Also, this type of lace frontal can be used in various hairstyles.
  • Invisible part closure – includes weft hair that has sown in a mesh base. Often, invisible part closure comes in an oblong shape and fits in various face shapes.
  • Hybrid closure – uses monofilament together with the lace. As a result, a natural looking hair line will be produced. Hybrid closure is durable, making it a good choice for your lace closure.

Why try our Remy lace closure?

Though closure is not necessarily a requirement, it can offer the style you want for your hair. Especially for those who suffer from hair loss, this type of hair extension is definitely worth the money.

Our lace closures are barely discernible and look as if the hair grows directly from the scalp. Each product is made at different lengths that look realistic and natural. Nobody will think that it's not really your natural hair arising on your scalp. Such an ideal solution if you're going to attend special gatherings or parties and want to ensure you are giving a look they will always remember.

When blending the lace closure, you'll experience no issues at all. MyHairBay makes sure we offer high-quality items suited to all hair types. You'll have flexibility when styling the closure because all of them are not pre-parted. This enables you to part the frontal the way you want.

Our lace closures for sale also offer health benefits!

Our closures offer numerous advantages – both for the appearance and health of your hair. Many women use plenty of heat or even chemically relax their 'leave-out' in an attempt to better blend it with their weave. However, this only leads to shorter, thinner and more brittle hair. Try our lace closure so your hair will be well-protected.

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