I Tip

Make a Fashion Statement with Human Hair I Tip Extensions

Which type of fusion hair extension is right for you? If you're the kind of woman who loves exploring the hair extension industry, trying I Tip fusion hair extensions would definitely give you a magnificent result without hurting your bank.

Also called Flash Point, shoelace tip and cold fusion, I Tip hair extensions are applied with a pulling tool - either a loop or a hook. This pulls the hair using a very tiny micro ring. The extension is now ready to be placed in the micro ring. It is compressed through special pliers.

Can tipped extension damage your hair?

So far, this fusion hair has not been linked with damaged hair. In fact, fusion I Tip hair extensions proves to give a dazzling look that any woman wants, whether it is for a special celebration, a simple reunion or just a hairstyle for a day.

But since the loop used for a finished product is made of aluminum or copper, those who are going through chemotherapy or radiation are not advised to try this method.

Why human hair I tip extensions at MyHairBay?

All of our hair extensions are natural as well as easy and safe to use. The amount of hours needed for the application of these extensions will depend on how many strands you want to install.

Tipped extension is not a simple process anyone can take, as a single mistake can ruin everything. Thus, it is important to work with a professional stylist to make sure you are getting the look you want.

With our I tipped hair extensions, rest assured that you can get the eyes of everyone once you step out of your door. We have different styling ideas we can share for a more stunning look, or you can share your own and we will provide them for you.

For a natural-looking, long-lasting luscious hair, now is the best time to consider investing in fusion I tip hair extensions. Satisfy your hairstyling needs and allow us to be part of your marvelous hair transformation!

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