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Fusion Hair

Changing Your Look? Consider Fusion Hair Extension!

All heads are not created equal, which is why many women switch to hair extensions for instant thick, long and beautiful hair. Regardless of your ethnicity or age, rest assured that there's a perfect extension hair for you. And if you're planning to wow the crowd with a fresh, gorgeous look, then try fusion extensions.

For every woman, hair forms an essential part of beauty. In order to look beautiful and well-groomed, you should have good-quality hair. But sometimes, your hair is not consistent with your preference. Not only that, for you also feel bemused by how to improve your overall look and personality.

Hair extensions such as hair fusion extensions are magical tools that help women achieve the sort of hair they always root for. Although one of the quite costly hair extension processes, fusion hair is usually chosen for their zero maintenance.

These can be attached to the head in various ways, which include clipping on, sewing and gluing. Keratin is a popular adhesive that is used for fusing or bonding the hair, simply because of its safe usage. The method you opt for will depend on several factors such as your hair, your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

Methods behind fusion hair extension

Fusion hair extensions may be either cold or hot.

  • Cold fusion makes use of keratin-based polymer that is knotted on the roots. It doesn't use heat, making it ideal for women with fine or thin hair. This type of fusion hair could last up to 6 months.
  • Hot fusion is created similarly to cold fusion. The extensions are attached to the hair with hot glue. This form of hair treatment could last up to 4 months.

Fusion hair extensions cost

When it comes to the extension cost of fusion hair, there is actually no exact number. As mentioned, this will solely depend on some important factors. If you're tight in budget and looking for a more reasonable option, go for clip in hair extensions. But if you're willing to spend dollars for quality extensions, real hair extensions using cold fusion bonding may prove to be an ideal choice.

Look great with our fusion hair extensions!

Achieve the most wonderful-looking locks with high quality fusion hair extension in MyHairBay. We can provide you with great-looking, real human hair applied in cold and hot fusion hair procedures. There are a number of styles to choose from. You don't even have to break your wallet just to get that look from magazines or TV shows.

So, if you want to get a natural looking extension, get a hair that could last for many months and free yourself from the hassle of styling your hair, try our fusion hair extensions now and reap the benefits afterward!

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