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Quality of Hair Extensions

What type of hair is used in your hair extensions?

We offer beautiful 100% human hair extensions to add amazing body to thin hair and wonderful length to short hair. We use 100% real human hair because it is the most versatile and durable. Our extensions can withstand flat irons, curling irons, permanents and dyes.

How long will my extensions last?

With proper care, your extensions should last for quite some time. Like with any real hair, our extensions must be cared for regularly by washing, conditioning and grooming.

What is Remy hair?  Are all your extensions Remy?

Remy is the gold standard of hair extensions. It’s the highest quality available. Because the hair cuticles are kept intact, this gives Remy hair extensions a healthy, shiny and smooth appearance. Only extensions labeled “Remy” should be considered Remy extensions.

What is Virgin hair? Are all your extensions Virgin?

Hair that has never been chemically treated, including perms, dyes, bleaching and straightening, is Virgin hair. You’ll find that Virgin hair is more expensive than other hair because of the quality. It is healthy hair that can withstand chemical treatments. Only hair labeled “Virgin” should be considered Virgin extensions.

Is there a difference between Virgin and Remy hair?

This is how it works. Remy hair can be classified into two categories: virgin and non-virgin. Virgin Remy hair has not been chemical treated or processed. Non-virgin Remy hair has been through some type of chemical process to change the color or style.

How do I distinguish human hair from synthetic hair?

Due to the natural protein in human hair, there is a very distinct smell upon burning. It’s a rather unpleasant smell and you’ll notice that human hair emits white smoke and will become ash. You may also notice that human hair may have sparse gray hair or split ends. Synthetic hair becomes rather sticky upon burning and will usually form a ball type shape as well as emit black smoke.

How do I know how many hair extensions to purchase for a full head of hair?

The formula is quite simple. Here is what you need to know:



Full head

70g/set,90g/set for fine hair, or ≥100g/set for thick hair

Half head




Full Head

30g or 40g per pack - 3 packs

Full Head

50g,60g or 70g per pack  - 2 packs

Care and Use of Hair Extensions

Can they be straightened, curled or tonged?

Because it’s human hair, our extensions can be curled, straightened and/or tonged. In fact, this is a great way to tell if you’ve been sold human or synthetic hair; however, as with any real human hair it is wise to use heat elements carefully and properly as to not damage the hair.

Can hair extensions withstand dyes and colors?

Yes, but keep in mind it is easier to darken than to lighten hair and blonde hair that has been bleached will require more care. It is recommended you consult a professional for coloring or dying extensions.

Can I wash and blow dry my extensions?

It is recommended you shampoo and condition your extensions like your own hair. If you wish to use a hair dryer, use on a low-setting and when possible, allow extensions to air dry to prevent damage. We also suggest you also use a treatment on your extensions every few weeks. Hair extensions do not receive the same oils as attached hair and therefore require treatment to maintain shiny and healthy appearance.

How often should I wash my extensions?

Hair extensions should be washed no more than twice a week.

How do I know I’m choosing the correct color?

If you are unsure of the correct color, please refer to our color chart. Note that you’ll want to select a color that closely matches the middle and ends of your hair and not new growth.


Ordering and Shipping

How do I pay for my order?

To make shopping with us convenient and easy, we accept several payment methods:

Credit cards – VISA and Mastercard


Western Union and bank transfers

You can contact us for further information regarding payment.

Can I pay through PayPal with my credit card?

Yes. You’ll be directed to PayPal’s website and asked to provide your credit card information there.

I purchased an item from you then saw it at a different price on your website.

Because we’re an online business, we tend to adjust our prices quickly based on trends, inventory and customer demand. Our policy is to not refund any differences in purchase prices.

How long will it take to process my order?

As a rule, your order is processed and shipped the day after your order has been placed. Note that your order could be delayed 2-3 days if the item you’ve selected is out of stock.

Do you guarantee on-time delivery?

The post office handles your shipment; therefore, we cannot guarantee on-time delivery but we can provide you with an estimated delivery date. If you need an item on a specific date, we suggest you place your order within at least 4 days of that date.

Are there hidden charges in my order?

Generally, what you pay is the cost of the item(s) and the cost of shipping. Please note that if there is an exchange rate of currency, the final cost may be a bit different than the advertised price of the product but it should be less than .05% of the advertised price.

What if my order delivery has been delayed?

There are times when an order could be delayed.  Holidays, natural disasters and post office issues are reasons for possible delays but please know we do everything we can to insure your order arrives on time, within normal business days.