15 Ways To Keep Your Wig Looking Flawless Everytime You Wear It

Whether you are looking for a way to cover up your natural hair, or if you are looking to wear a brand new look, wigs can make a whole lot of difference. With the number of wig options that are available online, wearing a wig has become more of a standard practice than it ever was before.

While wearing a wig may cause you to look like a flawless hair model, the task of putting on a wig isn’t always as simple as one would seem.

A wig should be worn in a way which makes it seem like the wig is naturally flowing from your head. Getting that look can become easier if you know a few tips and tricks to put your wig on the right way.

If you have wondered how to make a wig stay on, here are fifteen of the best tips that top stylists all over the world swear by when styling celebrities who want to wear a wig.

Tip #1 Bobby Pins Are Your Best Friend

Not all wigs come with their own set of clips and snaps to secure it well onto your head. Using multiple bobby pins to secure the hair is the best possible way to prevent it from falling out of place.

Bobby Pins

Tip #2: Baby Powder To Your Aid

A lot of times, wigs tend to build up a certain amount of oil as a result of prolonged use. Baby powder is one of the best tools that one can use to keep this oil buildup at bay. Apply a little before you wear your wig, and you are good to go!

Baby Powder

Tip #3 Style Those Edges

Using a little bit of oil, do up the edges in a way in which they curve outward to make the wig seem more natural and in sync with your natural hairline. A toothbrush is one of the best tools that you can use for this and can help keep your wig in place better.

Style Those Edges

Tip #4 Always Wear A Wig Cap

Wearing a wig cap is one of the essential tips to help secure your wig correctly and without any hassles. A wig cap gives the wig the right amount of friction to prevent slip offs and other accidents that can take place.

Wig Cap

Tip #5 Comb From The Down Up

Unlike natural hair, the best way to comb a wig is from the down up to prevent any hair loss that might occur. This ensures that your wig retains its shape and form without any kind of damage.

Comb From The Down Up

Tips #6 Invest In A Wig Grip

A wig grip is a small band that can be attached across the wig so that you can wear the hair as you would wear a hairband. This generally can be connected to the lace of the wig and can be secured well without being seen.

Invest In A Wig Grip

Tip #7 Color In The Bald Spots

Sometimes, the prolonged use of the wig can cause a certain amount of bald spots to appear which can make it look more unnatūral than ūsual. Cover these with a little bit of mascara or spray on hair color. Don’t forget to make sure that the color that you are using is the same as the wig.

Color In The Bald Spots

Tip #8 Use Double Sided Tape

Double-sided tape isn’t only for arts and crafts. It can even be used to secure your wig so that it doesn’t fall out when you try to wear it for a prolonged period. Stick the tape in between the wig cap and the inner lace, and you will be good to go.

Use Double Sided Tape

Tip #9 Hair Glue,  But Just A Little

Hair Glue is an option that one can use to secure their wig but is one of the more uncommon options because of the potential damage that it can cause to your hair and wig. This should only be used in emergency situations over a small area that needs covering or securing.

Hair Glue

Tip #10 Wear A Forehead Band

A Forehead band is a thin piece of cloth that goes over the front crown of your head to hide your strands behind and to prevent them from peeping out through your wig. These can help secure your wig even better if you also use it to secure your bobby pins.

Wear A Forehead Band

Tip #11 Try A Velvet Cap

Velvet Caps are becoming more of a sought-after option for those who want to hide their hair well under their wig. This is a good alternative to mesh wig caps which sometimes can be a little itchy.

Try A Velvet Cap

Tip #12 Attach Wig Clips

Wig Clips aren’t the same as bobby pins and act as something that sits well on the lace end of the wig and grips onto your normal hair or hair cap. These are an efficient way to wear a wig and can easily be snapped into place.

Tip #13 Opt For A Gel Band

A gel band is a good alternative to traditional cloth bands since they tend to be softer and more comfortable on the scalp, which is suitable for prolonged use. These can be easily worn on the natural hair after which a wig can be put into place.

Opt For A Gel Band

Tip #14 Keep Your Natural Hair Oil Free

Oily hair can cause your wig to fall off because of lack of friction. Washing your hair when it gets oily is one of the best ways to ensure that your wig stays in place, especially if all that you are using is hair clips or a gel band.

Keep Your Natural Hair Oil Free

Tip #15 Use The Right Products

Using the right kind of tools to help keep your wig healthy and in place is always essential. Try out different methods and find the one that fits best for your natural hair and your wig to ensure that you always look your best when sporting your new hair. There isn’t one best way to secure a wig properly in place and experimenting, in the beginning, to find what fits best for you and your needs is good in the long run, especially if you plan to wear wigs for a long while.

Use The Right Products