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9 Vintage Fashions Styles You Need To Know

9 Vintage Fashions Styles You Need To Know

What is Vintage Style?

Vintage fashion is often an imitation of a previous era, sprinkled with modern taste for an eccentric yet widely popular fashion style. Most people commonly refer to vintage fashion as retro style. However, there are two subsets to retro fashion namely, classic and, of course, vintage.

Classic fashion refers to a fashion style that could not be defined and categorized as modern or old, but it fits as a fashion statement in modern society, nonetheless. On the other hand, vintage fashion, which is the topic of our discussion, is accessorized with apparel and accessories that hints of a latter era in the 20th century. Among the two, however, vintage is harder to pull off.

Thus, in this article, you will learn various tips for wearing vintage clothes as well as get a better picture of styles that are essentially vintage.

Examples of Vintage Fashion Styles

Vintage clothing can easily set you apart in any crowd, event, or party. The ultimate secret to vintage style is the careful and delicate balance between the vintage and the modern. Remember that vintage fashion is about reinterpretation of the actual vintage style and using the modern taste to recreate vintage fashion using the modern fashion language.

To give you a clearer picture of how to dress vintage while avoiding standing out like a sore thumb, here are several vintage fashion example where you can base your vintage attire:

1. Simplicity as Vintage

The most common obstacle to a good vintage style is overenthusiasm and overdoing. Simplicity, in terms of wardrobe, hair and makeup, accentuates the vintage more than anything else. A common mistake among vintage style beginners is their relentless attempt to duplicate and emulate vintage fashion, which will often lead into an inappropriate fashion style.

2. The Combined Vintage Look

Using a pair of accessories can greatly modernize any vintage attire to create a good balance between the old and the new. Most people do not want to commit to a modern-vintage combination because they see it as a betrayal of the vintage spirit. However, the modern flavor does not depreciate the vintage through the combination. In fact, it aims to accentuate the vintage by putting modern, conventional accessories.

3. Vintage as Breaking the Monotony

Vintage outfit thrive through combination as do all other styles. Breaking the vintage combination by adding a single modern piece, however, brings new aesthetic elements that can break the monotony.

4. Basic Vintage Attire 

Modern accessories do, in fact, complement vintage fashion. By adding platform sandals or a modern-designed hand bag in a totally vintage attire, you immediately reinvent and create your own fashion statement.

5. Accentuating Vintage through Vintage Accessories 

Vintage style is also available the other way around. You can create a vintage look by using contemporary clothing as the base layer and sprinkle it with vintage accessories and apparels such as glasses, hats, and handbags.

6. Vintage piece as centerpiece; modern pieces as supporting elements

Another good vintage style is using a particular vintage piece as the centerpiece of the attire. Afterwards, you can add several modern pieces to complement that centerpiece. This technique is usually applied when a particular vintage piece, like a dress, is enough to make one standout in a crowd.

7. Vintage hair style

As we all know that hair styles are important for us, especially women. Some people are searching virgin hair extensions online, but vintage hair style can bring you wonderful look.

8. Other popular key vintage pieces

If you are having problems thinking of good vintage pieces to find on the internet or in a local boutique shop, the following are good vintage pieces to put as complementary or centerpiece items in your attire:

a. Floral

b. Polka dots

c. Flapper fringes

d. Pleats

e. Flared apparel

9. Contrast and Complement Vintage through Shirt

A shirt in a vintage mix is a classic way to avoid overdressing in vintage. In fact, the shirt does not even need to be modern; shirts with vintage designs are popular nowadays so it does not set you off from the norm of today’s clothing. Furthermore, they are ample styles of shirts you can experiment from to create a modern-vintage combination work.


Vintage style is best when done in moderation. Using the modern touch to reimagine and recreate 20th century fashion is, in fact, the main selling point of modern vintage attires. By following the set of guidelines, tips, and examples in this article, you can have a good grasp of vintage fashion in no time. However, there is a lot of room for experimentation as soon as you have mastered the basics. So use your creativity to make unique vintage styles that are essentially your own.

Top 6 Foods You Should Eat For Healthy Hair

Top 6 Foods You Should Eat For Healthy Hair

Healthy hair starts from the inside out. The types of food you eat have a direct impact on the beauty of your locks, much more than supplements. A diet rich in key nutrients will help you maintain a strong and shiny head of hair. This article will discuss 6 different types of food that are potent in certain vitamins and minerals that are essential for hair growth.

Not only do each of these food contain a key vitamin or mineral, they are also packed with amino acids, which is the most important nutrient for hair growth.

#1 Liver
Liver (beef, chicken or turkey) is an incredible superfood. It contains all nine essential amino acids and is one of the most concentrated sources of B Vitamins and A, all of which are essential for hair growth.

While some may not favor the taste of liver, it only takes a few ounces to obtain such a large helping of nutrients. It can be sautéed in a pan with onions and spices. For vegetarian options, you can opt for whole grains and legumes, although the amount of B vitamins in these foods are significantly less.

#2 Flax Seeds
Mix them into a smoothie or sprinkle some ontop of oatmeal. Flax seeds are a potent source of Omega fatty acids, which are essential for hair growth and flexibility to prevent the hair from breaking and thinning.

Other sources of omega fatty acids include chia seeds, hemp seeds and sardines.

#3 Sunflower Seeds
Not only do sunflower seeds contain amino acids (the building blocks of hair) they also contain large amounts of Vitamin E. This nutrient stimulates blood flow within the scalp, thus promoting healthier hair.

Vitamin E can also be obtained through almonds, olive oil and in trace amounts in dark leafy green veggies.

#4 Peppers
Peppers in all varieties are extremely high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a key role in strengthening the hair shaft. It also increases protein and collagen synthesis. Try tossing them into a fresh green salad or chop them up into a salsa. Both sweet peppers and chili are beneficial.

You can also obtain high amounts of Vitamin C through supplements such as camu camu power and rosehips. Of course you can also eat various fruits such as kiwis and strawberries. You would have to eat larger amounts, however, to get the same amount of this powerhouse vitamin.

#5 Salmon
Aside from salmon being packed with hair nourishing protein, it also contains an abundancy of Vitamin D. Reasearch has shown that this Vitamin can create new hair follicles and even stimulate existing follicles to grow longer hair.

There are many effective hair growth oils that also contain Vitamin D3 as the active ingredient.

#6 Oysters
Professionals highly recommend a diet rich zinc to encourage healthy hair. A zinc deficiency is directly related to hair loss. Oysters are particularly high in zinc and it only takes a modest handful to surpass the recommended daily value. Oysters also contain incredible amounts of copper,which can also stimulate hair growth. Combining oysters with a food rich in Vitamin C and E can truly transform your hair and skin overtime.

And there you have it…
Let the food by thy medicine. You can literally eat your way to healthy hair. Whether your hair is thinning or you simply want to accelerate existing growth, a healthy diet of this key nutrients will do wonders. It is important to remain consistent in eating healthy in order to see results.

Have Pride in Using Different Styles of Vintage Fashions

Have Pride in Using Different Styles of Vintage Fashions

The first step which should be done when you want to take care of your vintage handbags is that you have to handle them with care. The transfer of dyes from the clothing that is dark and vice versa may affect the light coloured handbags. Remember this when you select the purse to carry it on a particular day or an occasion. Take utmost care when setting the bag down, if you keep the bag on a surface that is abrasive that is similar of using sandpaper on the gem which is from vintage.

The vintage items are very exclusive and are meant for admiring and using, so when there is a good weather do not be shy to take the Vintage Handbags for a spin. You can clean the dirt and the liner by dislodging it periodically with a brush that is soft. You can clean the bags well by doing a soapy wash which is applied with a rag that is soft, again wipe the bag with another rag which is damp and soft to rinse then use the one that is dry to wipe it. Do a test on the bag in the area that is hidden to check that the bag does not discolor.

Vintage Fashions styles

You can wear the clothing in any manner which you decide it is either the one that is flashy or basic. If the vintage piece is versatile and simple this can be a one which can be considered as basic or an essential item for the wardrobe. The few Vintage Fashions styles which are available in the Vintage Boutique are as follows:

1 . Lockets and trinkets: You will be able to wear this bead with a long chain for any outfit that is casual

2 Hats: You can add up a zest in the outfit of vintage with a hat that is a contrast to your dress and this will give you an appearance that is pleasant.

3. Scarves: The scarves of vintage are a great addition to your look, and then may have a print of floral, embroidery that is ethnic etc…

4. Jewellery that is handmade: Whatever may be the function such as a wedding or a birthday party or a social gathering it has a great pride to wear jewellery that is handmade. The demand for this type of jewellery is increasing rapidly.

5. Vintage hair style: Nowadays, most of us know that virgin hair extensions are very useful for the women with short hair. Check out some iamges to find out the best vintage hair style that is most suitable for you.

Vintage is a place where you get things of good quality so handmade jewellery is a one which will usually be something exclusive and when it comes to vintage it is an additional beauty.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Vintage Clothing

Dressing like true individual takes courage, and clothing definitely offers the opportunity to express you. The magic of vintage clothing is that it transforms your life from the doldrums of a quiet, proper, boring existence, into the glamour of something quite exotic and fantastic. Having clothes makes you feel to hold the piece of history that is wonderfully glamorous and exciting. However, it is not only the history that makes vintage clothing alluring. Here are few more features that make vintage clothing as worthy as your other belongings:

Vintage clothing appeals to your sense of individual style. In many small ways, the clothes you wear are a taste of who you are an expression of your personal creativity. With clothes you can be assured that no one else in your location will have the same item. Vintage clothes are unique and rare.

Looking into the past is the present future. Various fashion styles are bound to come in and out and in this case vintage pieces help you stay ahead of the fashion cycle, for classics never fade away.

When it comes to quality, vintage clothes have no match. Their existence itself is the proof of its quality. Apparels are made from quality fabrics that are not cheaply manufactured and mass distributed.

With vintage clothing, you are making contribution to the welfare of nature and hence you play crucial role in the process of up-cycling of the clothing and sustainability.

One another factor that makes vintage so much attractive is that you will get it at a fraction of the original piece. Thus you will not only get garments of quality fabrics but within your affordability as well.

In conclusion, these days online shopping for clothes has earned its place, for it offers a wide range of products and services to select and moreover the convenience of buying from anywhere anytime. Further, online shopping gives you the benefit of different deals and sales. There are many online vintage clothing stores out there in the market offering quality vintage collections. Go unique and go bold with vintage dresses.