10 Cute Girls Hairstyles

Trying out different hairstyles has become one of the major fashion goals, mostly for girls. Men fall head over heels for women who have good hair. A good complement makes your day now, doesn’t it?

While lustrous, long hair can make a woman feel like a true Greek goddess, short hair also has its own charm. It is safe to say that the number of ways you can style your hair is almost similar to the number of haircare products currently available in the market.

A good hairstyle can complement your personality. We present here 10 cute girls hairstyles. Try them out yourself and see what suits you best.

1) Easy Faux Fishtail Braid:

Easy Faux Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is complex and can be time-consuming. But this easy faux fishtail braid may be just the thing needed for your hairstyling needs. Just bring all your hair to one side and split it into three parts. Continue braiding as you normally would, and, in the end, mess it up any way you want.

2) Extra Long Double Ponytail:

Extra Long Double Ponytail

This style can come handy when you have extra-long hair and don’t know how to manage it. A simple ponytail doesn’t really work as well as it should. In this style, you take the best of both worlds by tying two ponytails atop each other.

3) Khaleesi Twist

Khaleesi Twist

So, you’re a Game of Thrones super-fan and want that Emilia Clarke/Khaleesi look. Well, with some effort, you can easily achieve that look for yourself. You’ll just need a hairbrush, hair elastics, and a sea salt spray. You can start with brushing back all your hair. Leave some in the front to frame around your face.

Secure a ponytail by creating a gap in the hair right above the hair elastic. Now topsy tail your ponytail by flipping it into the gap. Repeat the same with two sections of hair from near your ears and there you go!

Embrace your inner Mother of Dragons.

4) Katniss Braid

Katniss Braid

Okay, maybe Game of Thrones is not really your style. You probably like a mixture of subtle as well as the wild. Something like Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen look in the Hunger Games. Also known as the Dutch braid, this hairstyle is massively popular among girls and can be your thing. Try and be a rebel!

5) Cross Braid Sock Bun

Cross Braid Sock Bun

Okay, enough of pop culture. Here is something elegant as well as complex. Maybe, something for that special date. Maybe he’s about to propose but doesn’t have the courage. Rest assured, after having a look at you, he might just take that leap of faith.

This sock bun is a combination of the classic bun and the cross braid. You basically have to create pencil thin braids at the back side of your hair and secure them first. Then proceed to make a regular bun. Now, tie those thin braids around.


6) Halo Braids

Halo Braids

This is the type of braid which can be done on any type of hair, be it curly, long, or naturally short. This has the ability to give that classic, Regency Era look. Time to flaunt that royalty, Queen!

7) Double Frenchbacks into High Pony

Double Frenchbacks into High Pony

Tired of a regular, boring ponytail look? Try another innovative variation on the ponytail; the Double French into High Pony. This style is easy to achieve. Just incorporate a pullback (a pompadour) on top, and French-braid your sides. Then bring those sides up and tie them with a strand of hair. This sort of style is perfect for casual outings as well as cheer and gymnastics.

8) Twisted Top Knot

Twisted Top Knot

One of the easiest hairstyles to achieve, the twisted top knot is popular with regular women as well as celebrities. Make a high ponytail, plait it, wrap it around and pin it up. Easy, right?

9) Twisted Side Braid

Twisted Side Braid

Another popular style which gives a great feminine vibe and is glamorous as well. Start with a side part, and begin as you will with a halo braid. Instead up tying them up around your head, bring them to one side, and continue re-braiding. If you want a more rough, and disheveled look, spread the braids apart and loosen them up a bit.


10) Side Twist Party Perfect

Side Twist Party Perfect

Last, but not the least, the side twist party-perfect look goes great when you want to have a wild, Friday night. Go out there, and make your friends jealous.