Hairstyles For Party, Prom And Dating

Hairstyles For Party, Prom And Dating
Hairstyles For Party, Prom And Dating

You’re never fully dressed if you don’t have your hair done. You don’t just need to make your hair before leaving for an event; there is a need to actually have to get the hairstyle right. This will greatly boost your confidence and attract more attention to you.

Knowing the latest hairstyle trends is definitely important, but there are many hairstyles that are still fashionable even after many decades. These can be your safe bets when you are unsure about what hairstyle to go with. That said, we have come up with a list of the best hairstyles for party, prom and dating occasions.


Curly Hair

Curly hair is probably the best hairstyle for party. It sends out strong signals that you are a fun-loving person, and that you are interesting to be around. With curly hair, more people will want to talk to you at a party because of the subtle signal they subconsciously receive. Girls with this hairstyle are usually more passionate, insightful, and expressiveLong-Red-Curly-Hair-Style.

For a party, you can also dye your curls red to send out an even stronger message that you are there to have lots of fun. Red hair usually makes people feel like you are warm-hearted and like to maintain simplicity in your interactions.


Wavy Pixie Cuts

Pixie cuts are definitely not the best way to get noticed. The hairstyle is currently one of the trends and even top celebrities are sporting it. It can, therefore, make you look stylish without being unnecessarily high maintenance. To spice up the hairstyle, you can play around with different colors and cuts. You can also add a side bang to your hair if you want more eyes on you at the party.

Wavy Pixie Cuts


Thick, Lustrous Wavy Hair

Combined with a calm color, this hairstyle will make your date think of you as a deep and emotional lady. Girls with this hairstyle are also known for being creative and very high in energy. Since it is associated with strong emotions, you will also be viewed as a person who easily gets hurt.Thick, Lustrous Wavy Hair

Just like thick eyebrows, thick hair makes girls look energetic and strong-willed. Thick hair makes you look less delicate physically, and can send a signal that you like sports and other high-energy activities. That can be good for a date.

Many guys also find wavy hair sexy and will even want to run their fingers through it.


Short, Wash-and-go Hairstyle

Short hair usually makes you look like you don’t fuss for social approval. You are confident in your intellect and personality and don’t need to overdo your hair. That can make you look less desperate in the eyes of your date. You can choose to keep the hairstyle as simple as possible, clipping it behind your ear.Short, Wash-and-go Hairstyle

A line will not mess up the I-don’t-care image that you will be trying to present. In fact, it can make you look more sophisticated in your simplicity.

If you don’t like keeping short hair, you should still be wary of very long hair, especially in dates. Super long hair can be intimidating to some people.


For prom, you will want to go with the latest trends since it is all about attention. The girl with the newest hairstyle has more social points in such events. An important rule for prom is to never go with a hairstyle that makes you look like a mother. It should always make you look girly and up to date with fashion trends.

Accent Braid UpdoAccent Braid Updo

Normally, this hairstyle would negatively suggest that you spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning. It basically screams for attention. However, it is the best for prom, especially since it is getting a lot of attention now. It makes you look classy and highly concerned about your looks.

That said, you can easily wear the hairstyle casually and it will look just as good. Still, it will send out a message that you have an idea of what’s going on in the world of fashion.

You make it at home right before you leave for prom. If you’re the creative type, you will realize that there are so many modifications you can make to accent braid up do hairstyles.


French Twist Updo

This hairstyle works well for girls with long hair. Like the accent braid updo, it makes you look like a high-maintenance girl. This is great for prom. You will also want to wear the hairstyle very tight since people will be scrutinizing a lot. Messy French twists are more inclined to casual events and parties. They may also make you look old-fashioned, and this will mess up your entire prom.

You can make French twists at home. First, you need to use a curling iron to give your hair texture. Then, you need to finger comb your hair and split it into two. You can then finger comb one of the two sections and further split it into three equal sections.

The rest of your hair should be pushed to your back and twisted very close to the bottom. Afterward, you can bring it up as you keep twisting. Hair pins can help keep the hair secure as you continue twisting. At the top, you can make a little knot and hold it with hair pins.

French Twist Updo

At that point, you can bring the other part of your hair back and smooth it out using a comb. Slowly work the hair into the twist and make it look like it is part of the twist.

Again, hair pins will help secure it. For prom, you will want to hide hair that is hanging loose. You can do this using hair pins.

French twist updo instructional video:


Parties, prom and dating are some of the biggest events in a girl’s life. Girls are interested in getting all the attention and hairstyles help to accomplish this. Whether you have short or long hair, there is a style that will suit you. You should try the hairstyles for party listed above for a successful and fun event.

How Do You Blend Hair Extensions With Your Hair For A Natural Look?

How Do You Blend Hair Extensions With Your Hair For A Natural Look?

Hair extensions are a staggering way to deal with add length and volume to your hair. You can find extensions in different shades and styles. Guarantee that when you purchase extensions that they are first class, with the objective that they will last and have a trademark look.

Beside the extensions that can be woven into hair, there are trimmed in hair extensions that offer an extraordinarily essential strategy for reviving your look. However, hair extensions ought to be truly put else they will be noticeable and ugly in somehow.

If you have to finish the most trademark look notwithstanding when wearing hair extensions, by then you ought to be cautious about the most basic parts of the hair. The following is a rule on how to blend hair extensions.blend hair extensions

Pick the perfect shade

Your hair extension will simply blend in with your typical hair when you select a shade that is awesome. Blonde, redhead and brunette are the most generally perceived shades, but there are such immense quantities of shades you can investigate. You can pick to have extension hued into a flawless shade. Hair authorities furthermore used element and blusher wefts to help finish the perfect shade for you so don’t feel limited to just two or three choices.

Select the right length

If you are going for trimming on, you should ensure that they arrange the length of your standard hair so you can make the most ordinary look possible. If you end up buying an extension whose length is not by your normal hair, you can have your beautician trim or trim it in a style that matches with your customary hair.

It is less complex for women with longer hair to work with the lengths and styling, but it is less incomprehensible for those with shorter hair in spite of the way that it takes more work.

Get ready hair before setting extensions

A trademark look may be refined when your extension has a place to grip. You should consider showering your hair before pushing the catch on so they can find secure handle and a protected rest. Your hair sort will choose how much pushing you require before the segment on with thicker hair being easier to nudge appeared differently in relation to fine hair.

The extensions should be set close to each other with the objective that trademark hair does not end up being found in the wrong places. Another wonderful strategy for setting the extension to fulfill a trademark look is to gently shake with fingers after cut-out on. It is a reliable strategy for missing the extensions with trademark hair, but should be done carefully, so trims are not pulled out.

Nurture the extensions

View your hair extension as you do your trademark hair to keep it blended into your specific hair. Wash the extensions at general interims or when they have signs of advancement. You should similarly use moistness chemical when washing the hair to keep it looking phenomenal and in top condition for whatever time span that you use it.

What are the Different Types of Hair Extensions?

There are a few fundamental sorts of hair extensions, incorporating cut in, smaller scale ring or circle, combination holding, sewn-in or following, and holding and fixing extensions.

The clasp in extensions are the least demanding to apply, but they don’t keep going as long as others, and if not put appropriately, they can come free. The smaller scale ring or circle extensions don’t harm hair, but for individuals with short hair, they are not suggested in light of the fact that they can be noticeable.

Combination holding extensions last longer than some different strategies, but they can cause harm and ought to be finished by an expert. Sewn-in or following extensions are the longest enduring and most regular looking of the different sorts. These ought to be connected by an expert.

See the video first

There are likewise holding and fixing extensions that are exceptionally characteristic looking, and they are the sturdiest of the different sorts of hair extensions and practically imperceptible. They do set aside a long opportunity to apply, and they should be connected by an expert, utilizing extraordinary instruments.

How Do I Apply for Clip-in Extensions?

Applying cut in extensions is a simple and quick approach to change your search for an extraordinary night. For the best outcomes, utilize quality 100-percent virgin Indian hair extensions, which are the most regular looking of the items accessible. The accompanying simple to-take after strides will help direct you through the use of clasp in extensions:

Part your hair on a level plane from under one ear over to the next ear.

Begin at the most reduced purpose of the hairline part the hair where you wish to make an area.

Clasp the rest of the hair solidly off the beaten path, with the goal that you can include your extensions.

Take the primary weft, ensuring that it is sufficiently long and sufficiently wide to fit along the back of the hairline and open the greater part of the clasps.

Take the picked weft and just underneath the part, painstakingly cut into put. Ensure that the clasp snaps close on your hair and is secure. Rehash with the rest of the clasps.

Discharge the hair you secured off the beaten path and make another part. To do this, brush down another layer about a half-inch from the first part. Each time, you have to secure the rest of the hair off the beaten path so you can undoubtedly cut in the extension.

Rehash the procedure for every one of the extensions.

Check for any holes by running your hand along the extensions to ensure that they lie level over your head. Make any essential changes.

While applying the side pieces, ensure that they are secure, outline your face and blend with your characteristic hair.

To expel the wefts, tenderly unclip the segments and climb and far from your hair. Do whatever it takes not to pull, as this can prompt hair misfortune.

The clasp in hair extensions are a fast strategy for applying extensions that you can do yourself, but most different extensions require a qualified proficient to get the most regular looking outcomes and to confine any harm done to your hair. The way to effectively applying any extensions is to do as such in a way that they are not observable and blend with your common hair.

Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes
Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

A bad hair day can make your whole day a bad one. We want to you to always have a good hair day. A life of good hair days begins with finding the perfect haircut and style. When choosing a new hair style, it’s important to consider your face shape.


Your face shape determines which hair style will look the best on you. There are many hair styles available for different face shapes and we want to help you determine the best hair style for your face shape that will allow you to feel confident and fabulous every day!

Face Shapes

While there are many hair styles for different face shapes and certainly a hair style that will look flattering on everyone, you first have to be able to determine your face shape.

There are four basic face shapes:

Oval: This face shape is characterized by balanced features and having a chin that is slightly narrower than the forehead.

Round: A round face shape is characterized by a circular shape without strong angles and where the width and length of the face is mostly equal.

Heart: Someone with a heart-shaped face has a broader forehead with a narrower chin/jaw line.

Square: If you have a square-shaped face it’s characterized by well-defined, strong angles in your forehead, cheeks, and jawline.

Even if after reading these face shape descriptions you’re still unsure what your face shape is, there is a simple method to help you determine your correct face shape.

Determine your face shape:
 Take a selfie of your face. Relax your face and keep your hair pulled back.
 Print your pic or use an App that allows you to trace your picture
 Trace the outline of your face starting at your forehead and finishing just below your chin.
 Match your face to one of the face shapes! Use this chart to help you.

Hairstyles for Oval Faces

You’re in luck if you have an oval-shaped face. With this face shape you can pretty much pull off any look. Below are some of the best hairstyles for oval faces. Click on the title of each hairstyle to see a picture to help you visualize if this is the right hairstyle for you!

1. Shoulder-Length with Soft WavesShoulder-Length with Soft Waves
If you have an oval face the one thing you want to avoid is having your face look longer than it is. Shoulder length or longer hair styled in soft waves adds body to your hair and gives it shape. This prevents your long hair from lying flat and straight and adding length to your face.

2. Long Layered Hair

Long Layered Hair

Kristin Cavallari

Long layered hair can be a great choice for those with oval faces especially if you’re looking to add some angles and definition to your face. Layers will draw attention from the lack of angles in your face and if cut correctly will add some definition to your face.

3. Soft-Angled BobSoft-Angled Bob
A bob can be a great hairstyle for an oval face if you’re looking for a short hair style. The sleek, short and defined style of a Bob helps to balance an oval face by adding definition at the cheekbone line. Just remind your stylist to not cut a square style at the top as this is meant to add length to a face, something those with an oval-shaped face don’t need.

4. Low PonytailLow Ponytail
The advantage of an oval-shaped face is that it allows you to wear most hair styles. One look that can be cute and simple or sleek and elegant is a low ponytail. This look highlights your face shape and can be worn a multitude of ways for a variety of events.

5. Long hair with long bangsLong hair with long bangs
If you have an oval shaped face and are self-conscious about your face length and feel that it looks too long, adding a long bang can help. Long bangs will cover up your forehead area and shorten the look of your face. It helps to keep your hair shoulder length or longer with this look.

Hairstyles for Round Faces

If you have a round face shape you want to find a hairstyle that adds some length to your face, provides definition, and you want to stay away from any style that draws too much attention to the width of your face.

1. Long Hair with a Middle Part
Long hair adds the allusion of length to your face for a flattering look and by parting your hair in the middle you add to this allusion of length as it makes the distance between your forehead and chin appear longer.

2. Wavy Long Bob
If you’re looking for a shorter hair do to rock with a round face a shoulder length Bob, or Lob, can be a great choice. The length of this hairstyle if still flattering with a round face and the waves highlight your cheek bones adding sometimes needed definition to a round face.

3. High Pony Tail with Volume
A high pony tail with extra volume on top helps add some allusion of length to someone with a round face. The height of the pony tail allows you to show off your face and the volume on top helps to avoid any thoughts of your face looking too round while rocking a pony tail.

4. Long Layers
If you’re looking to slim your face, choosing a hairstyle that incorporates long layers will help. Layers that fall below your chin will slim the appearance of your face if this is a concern for you. Avoid layers that are too short as this can make your face appear even wider.

Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces

If you have a heart-shaped face this most likely means you have a killer set of cheekbones and a narrower chin. There are great hairstyles to rock if you want to highlight this feature or if you want to draw attention away from this, we’ve found one for that too.

1. Side-Swept Bangs
Long side-swept bangs accentuate your cheekbones while at the same time drawing the eye up from a narrow chin. Make sure to have your stylist keep your bangs long to avoid looking too little girl-ish.

2. Deep Side Part
For those with a heart-shaped face adding a deep side part to your hair will highlight your great cheekbones while at the same time adding some width to your face. This can help your face shape look more balanced and de-emphasize the narrowing of your chin.

3. Blunt, but Wispy Bangs
This look can be a great way for you to have the strong bang look you crave without widening the appearance of your heart-shaped face. Make sure your bangs hit around your eyebrow area when it comes to length and add in some wispy layers in the front of your hair to prevent a severe look.

Hairstyles for Square Faces

A square-shaped face affords you a strong jawline that can be beautiful and looks great in pictures. Also, square faces look great with length so feel free to rock your long locks. With a square face you’ve got great angles you can play up or play down to find your perfect style.

1. Multi-Length Layers
This hairstyle allows you to soften the stronger angles of your face without giving your face a boxy look. The multitude of layers adds movement around your face that also softens strong lines.

2. Angled Bob
Short hair can be harder to pull off with a square face, but it can be done. This style helps you do it and it looks great too. An asymmetrical bob with pieces that are longer in the front and get slightly shorter as they go to the back add length to your face which softens any harsh angles.

3. Curls & Volume
Straight hair can be unforgiving on square-shaped faces because its severe angles add edge and lines to already strong faces. Curly hair takes the emphasis off the defined lines and angles of square faces and gives your face the allusion of added length.

No matter your face shape there are so many hairstyles for different face shapes that we have no doubt you’ll find the perfect hair style to wear and love!

Follow These Tips To Curl Your Hair

Follow These Tips To Curl Your Hair

There are many women who are unhappy with their hair. Women who have curly hair want straight hair, so they use a flat iron to achieve the desired look.

There are women with perfectly straight hair who wish they had curly hair, so they take the necessary steps to achieve their desired look. There are some women who want curly hair permanently will go see a hairdresser and get a perm. There are other women who don’t want to make such a permanent change, therefore, they use a curling iron or a curling wand to achieve the desired look.

If you are one of these women with straight hair and you want curly hair but you don’t know how to curl your hair, below are a list of tips to create even, flowing curls.

curl hair

Curling Your Hair With a Curling Iron

Years ago, women had to use rollers to curl their hair. This meant putting the rollers in when their hair was wet and then sleeping on them. Unfortunately, this was very uncomfortable.

Today, women can use a curling iron. This allows you to curl your hair right away and you won’t need to wait all night. Before you start curling your hair with a curling iron, there are a few things that you should know to achieve the right type of curl and to protect your hair.

Choosing the Right Barrel Size

The first thing that you want to if you are going to curl your hair is to choose a curling iron or wand with the right barrel size. The size of the barrel will determine the type of curls that you get.

**Beach waves and loose curls: If you want loose, beachy curly, you want to choose a curling iron with a barrel that is either one or two inches in diameter. The larger barrel will create larger, looser curls.

**Tight curls and ringlets: If you want smaller tighter curls all over your head or if you want ringlets to shape the frame of your face, you should go with a curling iron that is between .75 to one-inch in diameter.

curl hair using tool

The Curling Wand

More and more women today are using a curling wand to achieve their desired look. Curling irons and curling wands work the same way. They use heat to curl your hair. The only difference is a curling wand doesn’t have a clamp the holds the hair to the barrel.

You would wrap your hair around the barrel and hold it there yourself. Many women who are new to the curling wand tend to burn their fingers often because they don’t have experience with this styling tool. Most curling wands come with a heatproof glove. When you first start using the curling wand, you should use your glove. Once you get the hang of it and you have used it a few times, the glove will no longer be necessary.

When it comes to choosing the right size wand for your curls, you would follow the same guidelines that you would with a traditional curling iron.

Choosing The Right Heat Setting

After you have chosen the right curling iron for your desired curls, you aren’t ready to start curling your hair yet. You need to determine what heat setting you are going to use. Many people ignore the heat setting and they just turn their curling iron all the way up. This is a mistake. The type of hair that you have would depend on the temperature setting that you will use.

**Fine hair, fragile hair, or colored hair: If your hair is fine, fragile, or color treated, you should keep the heat setting on your curling iron below 200 degrees. This will keep you from damaging or burning your hair. If this happens, you can experience breakage.

**Thick, coarse, or curly hair: If you have healthy hair that is already curly, coarse or thick, you will need to turn the heat up on your curling iron. You can achieve your desired result between 200 and 300 degrees. You should never turn your curling iron up over 400 degrees. This can damage even the healthiest hair.tool

How To Curl Fine Hair

It can be more difficult to curl fine hair than thick hair because the curl will not hold as easily. Before you start curling, you should wash and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. When your hair is still damp, you should add a thermal heat protectant from roots to ends.

This will prevent any damage that can occur while you are curling your hair. Next, apply a strong hold mousse on your roots. When you blow dry your hair, do so upside down to create more volume before you curl. The more lift and volume you have in your hair, the better your curls will look.

How To Curl Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, you would need to prepare differently than if you have fine hair. Before you curl, check to see if your hair is oily. If it isn’t, you don’t need to wash your hair. All you need is a dry shampoo. This will lift your roots a bit and it will help your curls stay.

If you want to hydrate your hair and give it a nice shine, you should apply a lightweight serum before you start curling. Finally, apply a strong hold mousse all over your entire head. This will define your curls better and it will keep your hair from getting frizzy.

How To Create Beautiful, Bouncy Curls

After you have chosen a curling iron, heated it up, and properly prepared your hair, it is time to start curling. To ensure that you will have beautiful, bouncy curls, you should follow the tips listed below.

#1 Start by dividing your hair into sections. You can divide it into four sections and secure them with a clip. As you go along, you can take small pieces from each section until that entire section has been curled. Start by the nape of your neck and grab a one-inch section and comb it thoroughly.

#2 With a light-hold hairspray, mist the ends of your hair to create a nice lift. If you are working with a curling iron with a clamp, clamp the hair at the very end and roll your hair completely up the barrel. If you are working with a curling wand, wrap the section of your hair around the barrel, starting with the roots.

#3 Hold your hair on the iron for 10 to 20 seconds. If you have fine hair, you should hold the curling on your hair for closer to 10 seconds than 20. If you have thick hair, you might need to leave the curling iron on your hair for a bit longer. To prevent damage to your hair, you shouldn’t hold the curling iron on your hair for more than 20 seconds. Continue doing this with all sections of your hair until your whole head is curled.

#4 When your whole head is curled, comb the curls gently with your fingers while misting your whole head with hairspray. If you find that your curls are starting to relax as the day goes on, you should take a few minutes out of your day to spray your curls. This will keep them in place throughout the day.

How-To Videos

If you are still unsure about how to curl your hair properly or if you are the type of person who learns better by watching someone else first, you should watch this video. It will tell you the right way to curl your hair so that you get the best results every time. This video does not get into preparing your hair, therefore, you should do that before you start watching. This video will just show you the proper technique when you are curling your hair.

If you are going to be using a curling wand rather than a curling iron, this video will show the the proper technique to get your curls just right.

Just because you weren’t born with beautiful, bouncy curls, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have curly hair if you want to. Depending on the length of your hair, you can have beautiful curly hair in under 30 minutes.

In order to keep your hair from drying out and breaking, you should follow the tips listed above regarding the temperature of the curling iron and the necessary steps to take to prepare your hair for curling.

How To Do A French Braid

How To Do A French Braid

A French braid is one of those beautiful and classic hairstyles that look good on any type of hair, whether straight, wavy or curly. A French braid looks quite similar to a three – strand braid, rather than a fishtail braid or a four strand braid. French braiding

French braiding is easier when done on someone else’s hair, but quite confusing when it comes to braiding your own hair. However, though the intricate weave of the braid may appear complex, following some simple braiding steps can help you achieve this hairstyle in an easy way. To learn how to do a French braid take a look at this interesting guide listed below.

How to do a French Braid?

What you need:

· Brush

· Hair Band


Step #1: Prepare your hair

Brush your hair backward away from your forehead to remove all the tangles and make it soft, smooth and ready for braiding.

Step #2: Divide your hair into Sections

Gather a top section of your hair (3-4 inches) wide and divide it into three sections. Using your right hand, hold the right section of your hair and use the left hand for the left section of hair. The hair in the center should be grasped between the thumb and another finger of either hand.

Step #3: Start with traditional braiding

To begin braiding, cross the right section of your hair over to the center. Then, bring the left section of hair over to the center. Continue this process smoothing your hair down until you have made a few rows of the traditional braid.

Step # 4: Keep adding hair to both segments

Continue the traditional braiding, but start adding hair from the heads’ right side for the right section and vice versa and include it in the cross- over.

Step #5: Collect all your hair into a braid

As you reach towards the nape, all your hair would have been incorporated and you will be running out of free hair required to be added to the braid.

Step #6: Finish the braid

When the entire additional hair strand has been gathered, finish it off as a traditional braid until you have reached the end of the strand. Secure the end using a hair band or a ponytail holder.

Simple Tips to do a Basic French Braid

· Use water spray before braiding your hair. This will help pull the braids firmly and keep hair neatly in place

· Ensure that you are adding an equal amount of hair from the sides. This will prevent the braid look lopsided.

· To prevent from your hands from getting tired while doing the braid, just take deep breaths and stop braiding for a minute.

· Before you tie the braid, ensure that all your strands are tight.

· To prevent frizzy hair from getting messy or ugly when in a braid, apply a bit of hair conditioner on your braid or use a hairspray.

· Dry shampooing your hair before French braiding will make hair less oily and have more texture, preparing your hair for the perfect braids.

· Hair that is washed prior a day is best suited for French braiding

Different ways to do French Braid

Apart from doing the simple traditional French braid, you can do some variations in this hairstyle, keeping the basic steps the same.

· The Side French Braid: This style has hair braided over the top and to the side

· French braids on both sides: This style has French braid on each side that end in smooth silky ponytail

· The Braidhawk: Small French braids done tightly on the sides against the helps shape can help the illusion of a mohawk

Why choose to do a French Braid

Keep hair intact: Besides looking pretty, a French braid keeps hair out of your face and does not cause any hair dents like that of a ponytail,

Natural beachy waves: If you are looking for a natural way of achieving beachy waves, all you need to do is spray some water on your hair and do a French braid. Leave the braid overnight. Remove the braids the next day to get natural beachy waves.

Get Fancy with your braid: The basic weave of a French braid can be easily manipulated in a way that your hair looks runaway ready.

So what are you waiting for, get started with a French braid and see the difference this hairstyle makes to your overall personality.

9 Vintage Fashions Styles You Need To Know

9 Vintage Fashions Styles You Need To Know

What is Vintage Style?

Vintage fashion is often an imitation of a previous era, sprinkled with modern taste for an eccentric yet widely popular fashion style. Most people commonly refer to vintage fashion as retro style. However, there are two subsets to retro fashion namely, classic and, of course, vintage.

Classic fashion refers to a fashion style that could not be defined and categorized as modern or old, but it fits as a fashion statement in modern society, nonetheless. On the other hand, vintage fashion, which is the topic of our discussion, is accessorized with apparel and accessories that hints of a latter era in the 20th century. Among the two, however, vintage is harder to pull off.

Thus, in this article, you will learn various tips for wearing vintage clothes as well as get a better picture of styles that are essentially vintage.

Examples of Vintage Fashion Styles

Vintage clothing can easily set you apart in any crowd, event, or party. The ultimate secret to vintage style is the careful and delicate balance between the vintage and the modern. Remember that vintage fashion is about reinterpretation of the actual vintage style and using the modern taste to recreate vintage fashion using the modern fashion language.

To give you a clearer picture of how to dress vintage while avoiding standing out like a sore thumb, here are several vintage fashion example where you can base your vintage attire:

1. Simplicity as Vintage

The most common obstacle to a good vintage style is overenthusiasm and overdoing. Simplicity, in terms of wardrobe, hair and makeup, accentuates the vintage more than anything else. A common mistake among vintage style beginners is their relentless attempt to duplicate and emulate vintage fashion, which will often lead into an inappropriate fashion style.

2. The Combined Vintage Look

Using a pair of accessories can greatly modernize any vintage attire to create a good balance between the old and the new. Most people do not want to commit to a modern-vintage combination because they see it as a betrayal of the vintage spirit. However, the modern flavor does not depreciate the vintage through the combination. In fact, it aims to accentuate the vintage by putting modern, conventional accessories.

3. Vintage as Breaking the Monotony

Vintage outfit thrive through combination as do all other styles. Breaking the vintage combination by adding a single modern piece, however, brings new aesthetic elements that can break the monotony.

4. Basic Vintage Attire 

Modern accessories do, in fact, complement vintage fashion. By adding platform sandals or a modern-designed hand bag in a totally vintage attire, you immediately reinvent and create your own fashion statement.

5. Accentuating Vintage through Vintage Accessories 

Vintage style is also available the other way around. You can create a vintage look by using contemporary clothing as the base layer and sprinkle it with vintage accessories and apparels such as glasses, hats, and handbags.

6. Vintage piece as centerpiece; modern pieces as supporting elements

Another good vintage style is using a particular vintage piece as the centerpiece of the attire. Afterwards, you can add several modern pieces to complement that centerpiece. This technique is usually applied when a particular vintage piece, like a dress, is enough to make one standout in a crowd.

7. Vintage hair style

As we all know that hair styles are important for us, especially women. Some people are searching virgin hair extensions online, but vintage hair style can bring you wonderful look.

8. Other popular key vintage pieces

If you are having problems thinking of good vintage pieces to find on the internet or in a local boutique shop, the following are good vintage pieces to put as complementary or centerpiece items in your attire:

a. Floral

b. Polka dots

c. Flapper fringes

d. Pleats

e. Flared apparel

9. Contrast and Complement Vintage through Shirt

A shirt in a vintage mix is a classic way to avoid overdressing in vintage. In fact, the shirt does not even need to be modern; shirts with vintage designs are popular nowadays so it does not set you off from the norm of today’s clothing. Furthermore, they are ample styles of shirts you can experiment from to create a modern-vintage combination work.


Vintage style is best when done in moderation. Using the modern touch to reimagine and recreate 20th century fashion is, in fact, the main selling point of modern vintage attires. By following the set of guidelines, tips, and examples in this article, you can have a good grasp of vintage fashion in no time. However, there is a lot of room for experimentation as soon as you have mastered the basics. So use your creativity to make unique vintage styles that are essentially your own.

Top 6 Foods You Should Eat For Healthy Hair

Top 6 Foods You Should Eat For Healthy Hair

Healthy hair starts from the inside out. The types of food you eat have a direct impact on the beauty of your locks, much more than supplements. A diet rich in key nutrients will help you maintain a strong and shiny head of hair. This article will discuss 6 different types of food that are potent in certain vitamins and minerals that are essential for hair growth.

Not only do each of these food contain a key vitamin or mineral, they are also packed with amino acids, which is the most important nutrient for hair growth.

#1 Liver
Liver (beef, chicken or turkey) is an incredible superfood. It contains all nine essential amino acids and is one of the most concentrated sources of B Vitamins and A, all of which are essential for hair growth.

While some may not favor the taste of liver, it only takes a few ounces to obtain such a large helping of nutrients. It can be sautéed in a pan with onions and spices. For vegetarian options, you can opt for whole grains and legumes, although the amount of B vitamins in these foods are significantly less.

#2 Flax Seeds
Mix them into a smoothie or sprinkle some ontop of oatmeal. Flax seeds are a potent source of Omega fatty acids, which are essential for hair growth and flexibility to prevent the hair from breaking and thinning.

Other sources of omega fatty acids include chia seeds, hemp seeds and sardines.

#3 Sunflower Seeds
Not only do sunflower seeds contain amino acids (the building blocks of hair) they also contain large amounts of Vitamin E. This nutrient stimulates blood flow within the scalp, thus promoting healthier hair.

Vitamin E can also be obtained through almonds, olive oil and in trace amounts in dark leafy green veggies.

#4 Peppers
Peppers in all varieties are extremely high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a key role in strengthening the hair shaft. It also increases protein and collagen synthesis. Try tossing them into a fresh green salad or chop them up into a salsa. Both sweet peppers and chili are beneficial.

You can also obtain high amounts of Vitamin C through supplements such as camu camu power and rosehips. Of course you can also eat various fruits such as kiwis and strawberries. You would have to eat larger amounts, however, to get the same amount of this powerhouse vitamin.

#5 Salmon
Aside from salmon being packed with hair nourishing protein, it also contains an abundancy of Vitamin D. Reasearch has shown that this Vitamin can create new hair follicles and even stimulate existing follicles to grow longer hair.

There are many effective hair growth oils that also contain Vitamin D3 as the active ingredient.

#6 Oysters
Professionals highly recommend a diet rich zinc to encourage healthy hair. A zinc deficiency is directly related to hair loss. Oysters are particularly high in zinc and it only takes a modest handful to surpass the recommended daily value. Oysters also contain incredible amounts of copper,which can also stimulate hair growth. Combining oysters with a food rich in Vitamin C and E can truly transform your hair and skin overtime.

And there you have it…
Let the food by thy medicine. You can literally eat your way to healthy hair. Whether your hair is thinning or you simply want to accelerate existing growth, a healthy diet of this key nutrients will do wonders. It is important to remain consistent in eating healthy in order to see results.

Have Pride in Using Different Styles of Vintage Fashions

Have Pride in Using Different Styles of Vintage Fashions

The first step which should be done when you want to take care of your vintage handbags is that you have to handle them with care. The transfer of dyes from the clothing that is dark and vice versa may affect the light coloured handbags. Remember this when you select the purse to carry it on a particular day or an occasion. Take utmost care when setting the bag down, if you keep the bag on a surface that is abrasive that is similar of using sandpaper on the gem which is from vintage.

The vintage items are very exclusive and are meant for admiring and using, so when there is a good weather do not be shy to take the Vintage Handbags for a spin. You can clean the dirt and the liner by dislodging it periodically with a brush that is soft. You can clean the bags well by doing a soapy wash which is applied with a rag that is soft, again wipe the bag with another rag which is damp and soft to rinse then use the one that is dry to wipe it. Do a test on the bag in the area that is hidden to check that the bag does not discolor.

Vintage Fashions styles

You can wear the clothing in any manner which you decide it is either the one that is flashy or basic. If the vintage piece is versatile and simple this can be a one which can be considered as basic or an essential item for the wardrobe. The few Vintage Fashions styles which are available in the Vintage Boutique are as follows:

1 . Lockets and trinkets: You will be able to wear this bead with a long chain for any outfit that is casual

2 Hats: You can add up a zest in the outfit of vintage with a hat that is a contrast to your dress and this will give you an appearance that is pleasant.

3. Scarves: The scarves of vintage are a great addition to your look, and then may have a print of floral, embroidery that is ethnic etc…

4. Jewellery that is handmade: Whatever may be the function such as a wedding or a birthday party or a social gathering it has a great pride to wear jewellery that is handmade. The demand for this type of jewellery is increasing rapidly.

5. Vintage hair style: Nowadays, most of us know that virgin hair extensions are very useful for the women with short hair. Check out some iamges to find out the best vintage hair style that is most suitable for you.

Vintage is a place where you get things of good quality so handmade jewellery is a one which will usually be something exclusive and when it comes to vintage it is an additional beauty.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Vintage Clothing

Dressing like true individual takes courage, and clothing definitely offers the opportunity to express you. The magic of vintage clothing is that it transforms your life from the doldrums of a quiet, proper, boring existence, into the glamour of something quite exotic and fantastic. Having clothes makes you feel to hold the piece of history that is wonderfully glamorous and exciting. However, it is not only the history that makes vintage clothing alluring. Here are few more features that make vintage clothing as worthy as your other belongings:

Vintage clothing appeals to your sense of individual style. In many small ways, the clothes you wear are a taste of who you are an expression of your personal creativity. With clothes you can be assured that no one else in your location will have the same item. Vintage clothes are unique and rare.

Looking into the past is the present future. Various fashion styles are bound to come in and out and in this case vintage pieces help you stay ahead of the fashion cycle, for classics never fade away.

When it comes to quality, vintage clothes have no match. Their existence itself is the proof of its quality. Apparels are made from quality fabrics that are not cheaply manufactured and mass distributed.

With vintage clothing, you are making contribution to the welfare of nature and hence you play crucial role in the process of up-cycling of the clothing and sustainability.

One another factor that makes vintage so much attractive is that you will get it at a fraction of the original piece. Thus you will not only get garments of quality fabrics but within your affordability as well.

In conclusion, these days online shopping for clothes has earned its place, for it offers a wide range of products and services to select and moreover the convenience of buying from anywhere anytime. Further, online shopping gives you the benefit of different deals and sales. There are many online vintage clothing stores out there in the market offering quality vintage collections. Go unique and go bold with vintage dresses.

Top 25 Hair Blogs With The Hair Style You Need

Top 25 Hair Blogs With The Hair Style You Need
Top 25 Hair Blogs With The Hair Style You Need

Keeping your hair neat is part of grooming and the more your hair will look great and strong the more you will be appealing to people. Unfortunately, there are many people out there facing a lot of problems with their hair to the point of giving up, from hair loss to dandruff, to ringworm and for these maintaining their hair becomes a bit hair blog

Fortunately, there are some of the hair experts that have dedicated their time and ready to share their expertise on everything from hair care to help people conquer everyday hair related problems.

Below is a list of top 25 hair blogs in 2017


Author: Mazen Balimyhaircare

Mazen is an award winner of top 25 hair care blog. She has written extensive articles on hair care to help readers deal with their daily hair care routines. Additionally, on realizing that people face a lot of problems in choosing the right products for their hair, Mazen has written guides on how to get the right hair product for your hair need.

Feel free to visit her blog and benefit from wide range of information on DIY hair remedies that you can do at home.

24. Posh Beauty Blog

Author: Carla SangPosh Beauty Blog

Carla hails from the great town of Los Angeles; he is a professional freelance lifestyle writer whose main passion is of beauty. Before starting this blog, she would spend all her salary on cosmetics, who does that! And today she makes end meet through reporting on the best beauty trends.

Her blog is user-friendly meant for both men and women who loves to look polished, sophisticated and beautiful. On her blog, you will enjoy reading helpful articles on simple makeup tips and discover new beauty products.

23. Hair Square Product

Author: Nimi Popathaircaresquare

Nimi comes from Nagpur, India and she is a blogger by profession. She has a passion for hair care that came from her quest to find hair solution as she sometimes faced a problem with her hair. Besides offering DIY home care remedies, she has gone a step further to educate her audience on common problems they make that ruin their hair.

Her blog is a fully fledged site dedicated to hair care that she has written through her own hair care experience so that anyone can easily relate.

22. Jeffrey Paul Blog

Author: Jeffrey Pauljeffreypaulblog

Paul has come to break this list of women dominated industry he has 30 years of experience in beauty the training he got from Italy. He has a beauty salon and spa, and due to his diverse knowledge and experience in hair care, he has found a favor of making celebrities hair, like the former president of the United States, TV personalities and runway models.

His drive for starting this blog started when his niece came into his salon and asked him to help her not lose her hair, which afterward her mother and sister got cancer disease that made them lose their hair. This came as a wake-up call to him, and he focused on helping individuals restore their hair. You can take a stroll in Jeffrey blog and enjoy watching video demonstrations of beauty tips and inspirations with hair experts

21. Tm hair Blog

Author: Tom MagliaroTm hair Blog

Tom is a charming man and a hair expert with over 20years of experience. His passion for hair care debut in his early 20s when he was experiencing constant hair loss. So far Tom has helped a lot of cancer survivors by restoring their hair who went through chemotherapy treatment.

Don’t hesitate to visit his blog and read through some motivating testimonials from his client of successful hair restoration and tips about hair care.

20. Style Vitae

Author:  Myles IkennaStyle Vitae

Myles is a vibrant lady she is a publicist and writer who comes from the wealthiest Nigeria country, but currently, she is living the US. Although her blog is diverse from makeup, fashion, lifestyle and so on. You will get a chance of reading through her hair care tutorials, hair trend, natural hair styles and much more.

Her blog has won her several awards like the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs). Please stop by her blog and enjoy reading important tips that will give your hair glow.

19. Natural Sisters

Author:  Ruth MafupaNatural Sisters

Ruth hails from the beautiful country of South Africa she holds a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, she is a wife and a mother of three cute boys. Her love for healthy and natural things led her to start this blog which educates natural hair enthusiast on how to maintain their hair.

Well, it’s clear that Ruth is not a hair expert but she has dedicated her time to research on information regarding natural hair care from online magazines, friends & family, and books just to equip her readers with needful information about specific hair products and hair styling.

18. Dr. Soods blog

Author: Dr. Rakesh Sooddrsoods

Here comes Dr. Soods an expert in hair replacement as he specialized in Trichology in the most popular Medical University in India Christian Medical College. He offers his hair plant services in Delhi, India and out of good will he decided to start a hair blog so as to reach many people worldwide.

He is one of the most trusted hair experts in Delhi who besides from restoring hair to both men and women he also restores chin and eyebrow hair restoration. His hair blog was awarded in the top 50 Hair Transplant Blogs by FeedSpot he has written informative articles on permanent hair plant and ways to prevent hair loss.

17. Radiance Cosmetic Centre

Author: Dr. Mayank SinghRadiance Cosmetic Centre

There is nothing more enticing to our ears than hearing information about something from an expert and the author of this blog Dr. Mayank Singh is a renowned hair transplant surgeon. His education background tells it all he has a bachelor of medicine, surgery, and master of surgery from the prestigious Gujarat University.

He has written many educating articles in his blog educating people who suffer from hair loss how they can get hair restoration and post- surgery care information.

16. Darling Buds blog

Author:  Dr. Tejinder BhattiDarling Buds blog

Dr. Bhatti is the author of this blog, and he is also a plastic surgeon with a passion for improving people wellness on how they look. His priority in his work is restoring people look and a head full of hair perhaps the reason why he is dedicated to hair transplant surgery.

The journey of writing a blog about hair transplant and hair care began when he saw the need of reaching those clients who are not within his locality or country. Thus on his blog, you can do any type of consultation via email or Skype, and you also benefit from reading an informative article about the hair care and hair transplant.

15. Denver Hair Restoration

Author: Dr. David BroadwayDenver Hair Restoration

Dr. David has been in hair care industry for over a decade now which is a clear indication that he is well equipped with almost all hair care knowledge that he has gathered throughout his working experience that he decided to share it with readers of his blog. He holds a master’s degree in medicine from the world class university Wake Forest School of Medicine where he specialized as a facial plastic surgeon.

He is one of the most trusted surgeons in Denver, Colorado that offers his patients with the best hair restoration solutions, which most of them he has discussed in his blog.

14. Girls Curls

Author: Brianna BellGirls Curls

The beautiful Brianna hails from Arizona, the United States with her 15 years old beautiful daughter called China. Her interests are doing hair, going to local events, watching movies, listening to music just to mention a few.

She has been blogging since 2009 and in 2016 Feedspot awarded her blog among the top 50 best hairstyles blog on the web.

Her blog is dedicated to providing her readers with the best hairstyles that they can do to their hair on different occasions.

13. Princess Hairstyles

Author: PrincessPrincess Hairstyles

If you are one of those few people who usually run out of ideas on how to style their hair, then this blog is for you. Princess Hairstyles blog offers you step by step hair instructions, photos, and video tutorials and they have a mobile App that can be installed on your phone for quick access.

Her blog caters to a young audience who enjoy trying many different hairstyles over  200 hairstyles have been posted on this blog.

12. Escape Hair & Beauty

Author: Team

Escape hair and beauty blog started as a salon and spa in Wiltshire by a team of dedicated professionals who saw the need of reaching out a large audience who can enjoy some of their online services. Since 2002 this blog has been selling a variety of hair care products that are well researched on and are certified by the board of medicine.

If you don’t get a chance to visit their salon to get your hair treated or done, Please be sure to drop by their blog and shop for their hair treatment products as well as learning a lot about hair care.

11. Babes in Hairland

Author:  Becky

Becky started blogging about hair in 2008 as a fun way just to be able to share her new hairstyles with others, and today she is making a living out of this blog. A mother of 3 pretty daughters with long amazing hair spends a lot of time making their hair and taking photos to post on her blog.

It won’t harm to say that Becky is obsessed with hair and if you are one of those people who admires other people hairstyle if you stop by Becky’s blog that shows you how to style different hairstyles people will be admiring your hair.

10. Cute Girls Hairstyle

Author: Cutecutegirlshairstyles

In 2001 the author was blessed with beautiful twin daughter whose hair grew longer as they were growing up and tired of seeing same styles every day, she decided on changing their hairstyles from time to time, and she would take photos and keep them in a photo diary.

Later on, she was blessed with two other daughters which meant doing more and more hairstyles. In 2008 she started writing blogs and posting the step by step guide on how to do different hairstyles and today her site has attracted many moms and girls who like trying different hair styles.

9. Hair by Lori

Author: Lori

Lori loves God her family and hair she uses this few words to describe herself. She lives with her husband and four amazing children whom she enjoys spending time with. Lori began doing people’s hair back in high school and what surprises many is that today she does it as a profession which she didn’t go for any training but taught herself on how to do it best.

Today she makes a living through doing other people hair and blogging if you have a wedding, birthday party you can contact her for your hair do. She shares different hairstyles on her blog, gives an honest opinion about some hair products and inspires others to create their own blogs.

8. Untrained Hair Mom

Author: Brookeuntrainedhairmom

Brooke lives with her husband and two amazing kids named D and baby boy. She started this blog six years ago by documenting her first born daughter hair tribulations, and this led to a quick traffic on her site by young moms who enjoyed reading the blog.

She recommends the best hair care products to her readers and also hairstyles guides. Even though Brooke is not a beauty expert readers have found her articles on hair very helpful as she posts simple tutorials for girls.

7. Hairdresser on Fire

Author: Reagan BakerHairdresser on Fire

Reagan has dedicated himself to making all your hair dreams come true the blog caters for serious hair enthusiast who can learn simple hairstyles tutorials. He has collaborated with big beauty websites just to learn more and educate you on everything about haircare, please stop by his site and enjoy this powerful and helpful information.

6. Afrobella

Author: Patrice Grell Yursikafrobella

Many people refer her as a Godmother of beauty her drive to hair blogging was to fill a gap and to celebrate the outer and the inner beauty of all women. Patrice’s blog shines a great light on natural hair care, and she has been featured in Ebony, the Trinidad Guardian, Glamour, and Fast Company.

Its indisputable that her blog is one of the best hair blogs that you can gather a lot of information about how to maintain your natural hair and the right products to use.

5. Curl Centric

Getting Started with Curl Centric

Author: Kennethcurlcentric

Curl centric is a hair blog that teaches you how to go natural and how to grow long natural hair plus creating new beautiful hairstyles.  What you will love most about Kenneth blog is that it’s a one-stop shop when it comes to hairstyles, hair products for your regime and hair growth.

You will enjoy reading an ultimate hair guide to hair styling and much more. If you are looking forward to growing long hair, then make this blog your loyal partner.

4. Kimberly Elise Natural Living

Author: Kimberly EliseKimberly

Who doesn’t know Kimberly! She is a TV and film actress who hails from Minnesota, and one of her notable films are Almost Christmas, Dope. Besides acting, she has a strong desire of creating space for women to enjoy their beauty and to know that being natural is beautiful.

Kimberly’s blog is dedicated to clean living, natural beauty, and wellness for women of all cultures and in her blog she has endorsed hair care products from different brands that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free making it easy to choose for all people with different skin types. Her blog is an exciting one because you will get to shop for Kimberly hair products and other products for skin regime.

3. Hair Education

Author: Lade Education

As a frustrated woman by constant hair breakages and unhealthy looking hair Lade started a healthy hair journey back in 2009 and for sure if you look at her photos that she has shared on her blog her hair looks extremely healthy and gorgeous. Lade is a generous person, and she decided to start a forum where she can be educating many more women out there who like her, they have been frustrated by their hair, and that’s how this blog came to being.

If you take a stroll on her blog, you will find a lasting solution to all your hair problems, and you will have a strong, healthy hair.

Lade was born and raised in Nigeria, but she later moved to the UK after completing her O- levels to further her education where she graduated as a lawyer and worked a bit then moved back to her motherland Nigeria. Since she was a child she has loved everything to do with hair, and she secretly wanted to become a hairdresser, and it’s this passion for hair that has led her to have this established blog that educates her curious audience on how to care for their hair.

2. Lexi with the Curls

Author: Lexi

Lexi with the Curls

Lexi with the Curls blog was started back in 2008 by Lexi an original natural hair YouTube vlogger she has since then thrived in blogging field that she has been featured in commercials, magazines and representing brands at the event.

Her blog includes topics on lifestyle, travel, fashion and Hair & Beauty. Her main focus on hair & beauty is on hair product reviews, tips on maintaining natural hair and hair tutorials. Don’t fail to drop by her interesting blog and learn this important hair care information.

1. Curls Understood

Author:  Sylvia


Sylvia started this hair blog over a decade ago she is very passionate about natural hair, and her platform offers inspiration on how to maintain natural hair. Sylvia gathers credible information about hair from different reliable websites and filters them down to the most important information that she believes it can help her reader adopt the best hair care regime.

In her enticing blog, she has targeted curly hair enthusiast who likes keeping it curly and natural. Whether you want to watch video tutorials on how to style your beautiful hair or to search for new ideas on how to start your own hair business this blog got you covered.

In Conclusion:

The above listed is the top 25 best hair blog that has made it big in this industry. Feel free to visit any of this blogs, and you will get enough information about hair care and the best products to use on your hair.